Golf 4 Recaros + Rückbank in Golf 2
geschrieben von Cetin, Freitag, 10. Juli 2009, 22:10
hab eine Anleitung im vortex forum gefunden wo erklärt wird wie man Golf 4 Sitze(in diesem Fall Recaros) und Rückbank in einen 2er einbaut...muss sagen das ich schon gerne so leder recaros vom golf 4 haben würde am besten in beige

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I picked up a set of mk4 GLI recaros for a
really good deal and I was going to flip them but I decided to put them
in my mk2. When looking for info on how to do this there wasn't much so
I took a few pics along the way.
Ideally I would have liked to get
some 337 or 20th recaros so the front seats would fold forward and then
it would say "GTI" on the seats, but the price was right and nobody
sits in the back anyway. They still slide forward and the backs are
adjustable so it is possible to get to the back seats, just not as
easy. I plan on recovering the top and having it restitched with
something else as well.
I started by dissembling the seats down
to the metal bases so I wouldn't damage the rest of the seat and so it
would be easier when test fitting.
On to the pics.
To start off the base of the stock seats is just a little under 19"

The mk4 seats is just over 21" so it needs to be narrowed up a bit.

started by cutting the weld on the inside side of the seat. I figured I
wanted the seats to move inward rather than outward if they were to be
off center.

The leg off

I left the old welds on the base so I could use them as a reference when lining up and re-welding the leg back on.

I then measure so the outside of the wheel was at 19" and re-welded the leg on.

Hopefully when others do this they have a better welder than what I have and as a result end up with better welds.

Next you need to grind down the wheels. Overall the height of the wheels is fine, but they are too wide.

It took a few test fits, but here is a comparison of the two wheels

also need to take off these little wheel as the get in the way of the
track. When you take them off one side, I forget which, needs a 10mm
washer to be added so the wheel doesn't wander too much.

far as mounting the seats in the car, I did as others have and cut down
the stock mounting point so about 1" was remaining and drilled holes
for the front bracket.

The seat bolted up.

Here is one of the base of the seat after it has been modified

seat belt has an extra bracket and bolt that sticks out too far so I
took it off. I didn't get a before pic, but this is how it is now.

The front seats sit higher in the front than the stock seats, but it is
in a very comfortable position for me. I am about 6' tall and I still
have plenty of headroom. I have 337 recaros in my mk4 and this position
is much more comfortable.

the rears. Ideally one would have access to a mk4 parts car and be able
to cut out all the mounting brackets and then just weld them into the
mk2. None of the local junkyards would let me so I had to come up with
something else.
I previously had corrado seats in the car. I
found a DIY on here in the past when I installed the corrado seats, but
now I can't seem to find it. In that DIY you cut up your stock rear
bench and welded part of the seat frame to the floor to act as a
bracket for the seat back. I'll look for the DIY on that more later,
but this is where i started. Again, ignore my ugly welds.

I drilled out the hole to 1/2" to fit the side mk4 seat bolt.

When bolted up to the seat it will look something like this.

the center mounting point I made this. The bracket is originally from a
B5 passat that my friend was parting out and the threaded rod is 5/8"
with two nuts. Again, if you had access to a mk4 you could just cutout
the mk4 bracket.

test fitting it and making a few marks I mounted the bracket here. I
also had to trim the seat belt bracket, but it didn't matter as I had
already cut the belt off when I had the corrado seats.

With the seats installed it should look something like this.

My side panels need to be trimmed down a bit now

seats sit tightly between the two stock upper seat back locks. I just
unscrewed the locking bolt. I didn't do anything for the mk4 seat back
locks but I don't think it is needed as they are pretty snug as is and
I don't think they will fall forward.

rear bottoms are just sitting there for now. They don't really move,
especially if someone is sitting there, but I am going to try to find
some brackets to mount them to.

And here are a few more of the final product.

And the car that they went into
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